For the patient’s well-being

Isorel® solution for injection

ISOREL® A (Abietis) from fir mistletoe – available again now.
ISOREL® M und Pavailable again soon.

Mistletoe preparations are a proven supplement to conventional cancer therapy. Their potential is used to stimulate the immune system, strengthen well-being, and improve the tolerability of standard oncological therapies.

ISOREL® is produced from mistletoe harvested from carefully selected host trees from natural landscape sites.

ISOREL®-injection solution is available from three different host tree variants and six strengths to meet the needs of patients. The choice of host tree variant is made by the doctor according to individual patient requirements.

ISOREL® A (Abietis)

solution for injection from fir mistletoe

ISOREL® M (Mali)

solution for injection from apple mistletoe

ISOREL® P (Pini)

solution for injection from pine mistletoe
Each in the following strengths: 1 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 24 mg, 36 mg, 60 mg

Ask your doctor about the remarkably well-tolerated ISOREL® ampoules as an important part of an integrative, complementary cancer therapy.

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